Our hands on approach and creative flair makes us the perfect choice for all events including office lunches, corporate functions, production shoots, wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby showers or anything else that comes to mind. We are equipped to provide catering services for any events. From lunch for a small party of 20 to a formal banquet for 2,000, we will make the difference.

Wedding Table


We’re an independent business offering great catering service to conference facilities centre, training rooms & meeting spaces and for a variety of business events. Our high-quality bespoke catering for training and event centre have all the food requirement you need,We provide delicious meals and refreshments.

But above all, we’re known for our excellent service. Whenever you book us, you’re sure of a incredible food you won't forget and we’ll work with you to make your event a success.

Looking for a catering company that will go above and beyond your requests and blow you away with their creativity and execution? 

You are at the right place.

There’s no lack of innovation at Indimax. Being lucky enough to live in one of the most culinary impressive cities in the world. The most discerning Londoners are sure to want to seek out the best of the best to wow their guests (and enjoy the food themselves too!).

And to help you with that search, we are here at your service.

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